UEFA imposes 3-month Champions League ban on Roma president

NYON, Switzerland (AP) UEFA has imposed a 3-month Champions League ban on Roma president Jim Pallotta for his critical comments about referee decisions after the team's semifinal elimination by Liverpool in May.

UEFA says the American official is suspended "from carrying out his function," including communicating with players or coaches during the game. Pallotta also cannot enter the dressing room or tunnel before or during games.

The ban will start with Roma's first Champions League game, on Sept. 18 or 19, and continue through the entire group stage.

Pallotta's "improper conduct" charge related to comments such as it being "an absolute joke" UEFA did not have video review of key incidents.

UEFA also fined Roma 19,000 euros ($22,250) for a range of charges including fans at Stadio Olimpico throwing fireworks.

Updated July 20, 2018