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Column: Sacking Mourinho will allow United to rebuild

When you're in a hole, stop digging: That's the strategy Manchester United is pursuing by sacking Jose Mourinho.

Ditching the manager midseason, a risky move with no successor in place, became necessary not simply because results on the pitch have been bad but because the 55-year-old's negativity was making United tough to admire and even tougher to watch, threatening the bottom line of the ever-growing globalized business.

Grumpy. Toxic. Whiny. Defeatist. Words that have sprung to mind in Mourinho's plummet to mediocrity this season also risked washing off onto the United brand. At a time when the club is facing more intense competition than ever - for fans, for revenue and for results on the field - from both established rivals and other teams fueled by foreign money like Manchester City, United couldn't wait around for Mourinho to get his mojo back.